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HIRO Wallet Guide

How to link HIRO Wallet ID to Little Legions?

Step A. Hiro Wallet

  1. Download and launch HIRO Wallet app.

  2. In the main menu, swipe right to find Game UniqueKey.

  3. Copy your Game UniqueKey and go to Little Legions.


Step B. Little Legions

1. Start Little Legions on your device and log into the game.

2. In your city, open the building “Oracle” and select “P2E” menu

3. Find “Link your Wallet account.”

oracle in city.jpg
Screenshot_20240212_111618_Little Legions.jpg

4. Paste Game UniqueKey in the input box.​

5. Select Confirm to link.

confirm button.jpg

6. If the wallet is successfully linked, you will see P2E menu.

7. You can exchange your Relic Point to COV Point in the menu.

    (Check out the exchange limit and purchase Relic Pass in game to release the limit.)


Please be aware that your wallet account CANNOT be replaced to another wallet for 30 days after the wallet account is linked to the game account.

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